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Our Programs

Youth At Heart offers a variety of programs to help youth cultivate their hidden potential and lead healthy, productive lives. Our goal is to support our youth in their growth mentally, socially and physically. We provide programs in two major areas - education enrichment programs and recreational and sports programs.


Our education enrichment programs have been the cornerstone of Youth At Heart's mission. Students are provided homework assistance and tutoring to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom during the school day. Our recreational and sports programs allow the opportunity for kids to experience the Tulsa community and participate in team sports. These opportunities are often denied to kids in underserved populations.


Where We Are


Walt Whitman Elementary School

MacArthur Elementary School

McClure Elementary School

Hale Junior High School

Education Enrichment

The Education Enrichment Program, which provides homework assistance and tutoring to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom during the school day.  Students receive tutoring to help complete homework assignments and guide them through a variety of skill-building activities. 


Kids Club

Our Kids Club provides children, ages 6-11, an engaging and interactive learning environment to build upon the skills needed to succeed in life.  Learning activities help students develop and improve life skills such as self-discipline, integrity respect for diversity, and citizenship.


Teen Club

Our Teen Club provides a learning environment for students, aged 12-18, to help improve leadership, decision-making and interpersonal skills. Our staff and mentors prepare students for life beyond high school through college and career readiness training.

  • A.C.T. Preparation

  • S.T.E.M. Projects

  • College, Business and Trade School Visits

  • Young Entrepreneurship Association


Sports & Recreation Programs

Health & Safety Classes

Youth of all ages attend classes to promote making healthy living choices and build safe and strong decision-making skills to avoid unsafe practices such as substance abuse, bullying, and gang affiliation.


Field Trips

Students have the opportunity to explore the community around them through field trips and learn the importance of serving their community with humanitarian services. Service projects include helping in soup kitchens, working with orphans, and completing small construction projects. 


Camping Trips

Every summer, youths of all ages take overnight camping trips where they experience outdoor adventures such as horseback riding, archery, zip lines and more. They also participate in sessions to help improve and build their personal character.

Sports Program

Youth at Heart provides year-round activities and provide youth with valuable fitness training, and the opportunity to improve their skill level in a variety of sports. Youth develop confidence and learn teamwork from coaches and mentors who teach character lessons during practice and games.

Learn more about our NJTL Tennis program

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