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Tulsa World: QT district manager is passionate about helping children

By Mike Averill Tulsa World


Steve Wilson understands the needs of those at risk in the community and the impact working with support agencies can have.

He has seen the struggles throughout his career, volunteer efforts and personal life.

Wilson started working with QuikTrip as a night clerk in Wichita, Kansas, while in college and has spent the last 18 years working his way up to Tulsa district manager.

“We see (the need) firsthand in our stores. The people that we help are not only our employees and their families and friends, but they are our customers, too,” he said. “You can see the need, and when you see it firsthand, it really inspires you to do more. That’s really why I got involved.”

His first volunteer effort was with Meals on Wheels in Wichita.

Before moving to Tulsa, Wilson was a personnel manager with QuikTrip and was involved in the local United Way.

“I come from a poor family, so when I get the opportunity to help it makes me feel good,” Wilson said. “Now that I’m raising my own kids, I’m trying to teach them to make a difference.”

Wilson began volunteering with Youth at Heart about three years ago after moving to Tulsa and learning about some of the different agencies that partner with the local United Way.

Jocelyn McCarver, Youth at Heart president and CEO, said she is grateful that Wilson chose to work with her agency.

“Steve is a genuine, great guy! He has such compassion for our cause and uses his influences to help support our mission financially,” she said.