Tennis has helped me in my life to grow as a person and as a citizen.

-Nate, Age 10



Youth At Heart Tennis Program 

Youth at Heart provides year-round activities that offer youth valuable fitness training and opportunities to improve their skill level in a variety of sports. Youth develop confidence and learn teamwork from coaches and mentors who teach character lessons during practice and games.


Studies have shown that youth who play sports are healthier and less prone to risky behaviors like binge drinking and cigarette smoking. They are also less likely to be overweight or at-risk for being overweight.


With support from the USTA Foundation, the Youth At Heart tennis program has grown into a very successful program over the years. Working under the model of the National Junior and Learning (NJTL) program, we use the powerful combination of tennis and education to help serve up dreams for under-resourced youth. 


USTA National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) is a community-driven delivery system that develops the character of kids through tennis and education. The program emphasizes the ideals of the USTA Foundation by:


  • Reaching out to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and play tennis

  • Encouraging the values of humanitarianism, leadership and academic excellence

  • Providing participants with the opportunity to develop their tennis skills to promote a lifetime of enjoyment of the game.


Our youth model features an accessible pathway of tennis which includes programs and tournaments that provide social, health, and psychological benefits for children. 


Our staff and volunteers work with individual players, organizations, and communities to develop and promote the lifetime sport of tennis throughout Tulsa. Support from our community partners provides the necessary tennis equipment - from tennis balls, rackets, and access to courts and tennis experts.

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