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Education. Enrichment. Experiences.

A Mission That Works

Youth At Heart is a leader in providing programs in education, recreation and social development to youth in the Tulsa area. Our staff and mentors work with our youth to provide opportunities that develop character, instill values, and equip youth for success.

Youth at Heart has served Tulsa’s socio-economically challenged neighborhoods and schools for more than 45 years!

As state and federal funding for after-school programs continues to be cut, Youth At Heart continues to provide programming to support Tulsa’s underserved youth cultivate their potential and lead healthy, productive lives.


Creating Opportunities

Youth At Heart provides a diverse array of programs to help Tulsa youth cultivate their hidden potential and lead healthy productive lives. Our goal is to support Tulsa’s underserved youth in their growth mentally, socially and physically.

Education & Enrichment Programs

Provides homework assistance and tutoring to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom during the school day.


Recreation & Sports Programs

Our sports and recreation opportunities teach young people the importance of health and wellbeing, while also cultivating confidence and teamwork. It also provides youth with more opportunities to explore their community through field trips, camps, and more. 


Youth At Heart Works.

5,033 contacts were made to participant families by Youth At Heart staff during the pandemic.

1,236 activity packets delivered to participant homes during the 2020 pandemic.

377 students participated virtually and in person in 2020. 

40,000 youth have participated in Youth At Heart programs since 1976.

77.7% of our students are minorities. 

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

- Oprah Winfrey

"My experience in the Youth At Heart program has taught me how to be resilient. I also learned that kindness will take you far."

- Marilyn Adkins
Youth At Heart Alumni

“Youth At Heart helped keep me on the right track. They do so much for our kids and help form our society for our future. ”

- Emanuel Perry
Youth At Heart Alumni

“Some people just need that guidance. At Youth At Heart they say you can. You can do this.”

- Lisa
Youth At Heart Student

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