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Administrative Offices
6026 S. Sheridan
PO Box 35798
Tulsa, OK 74153
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Youth At Heart

Youth At Heart (YAH) is an agency formed in 2003 by the merger of Destination Discovery and Helping Hands of Tulsa.  We provide educational and recreational after-school and summer programs for youth ages 6-18 who live in Tulsa’s public housing communities and low-income apartment complexes.  We also manage the eight recreation centers located in these communities.  Our educational, cultural and recreational programs provide an effective alternative to idleness, vandalism, school truancy, drug use and gang-related activities.

Youth At Heart serves the following sites:

Apache Manor Parkview
Comanche Park Riverview Park
East Central Sandy Park
Edenwood Seminole Hills
Mohawk South Haven

Youth At Heart

Mission, Vision and Values: 


Provide opportunities that develop character, instill values, and equip youth for success


The vision of Youth At Heart is that all youth have equal opportunity to develop character and gain necessary skills to achieve success in school and life.


Youth At Heart has been committed to providing educational and enrichment programming to kids in our community since 1976. As an organization, we recognize the value of all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic level. Further, we identify the following values as driving organizational decisions for our Board, staff, donors, volunteers, community and constituents:

Integrity is and has been the hallmark of Youth At Heart since its formation. Integrity is the key character trait that we cultivate in our employees and that we work to instill in our students and youth through Youth At Heart programs.

Respect for diversity guides YAH staff in developing programs that reflect the value of different people groups and cultures and that teach our students and youth the importance of embracing and respecting diversity.

Responsibility is central to every facet of Youth At Heart. We take seriously our responsibility to our community, donors, partners, families and youth and include responsibility for self and to others as a cornerstone in YAH programming.

Community service is why we exist. Youth At Heart serves our community, and we are committed to teaching and modeling this value in the community and to promote this precept throughout the organization.

Relationships are critical. Friendships of growing affection, mutual respect, humor, honesty and integrity are among the greatest wonders and joys of life. Relationships are critical to our students’ success and to the organization’s ongoing vitality and development because they offer important feedback about our lives and our work.

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